Properties of the World director Jean Liggett interviewed in 'A Place in the Sun' article 'Hungary: something new for investors.'


Saloc Resort in Hungary, an up and coming nation, featured in AtTheMatch where business meets sport! See pages 124-127


Hungary entered the's top 10 property destinations for the first time last month, according to the latest 'Top of the Prop's report. Hungary rose 9 places to become the 10th most popular country with real estate buyers. Properties of the World Director Jean Liggett was interviewed for this article.



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Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort


Why Invest?

  • Prices start from just £16,000
  • Up to 10 % assured annual rental income available from Day 1 of investment.
  • Interest free payment options available
  • 150% assured buy-back after 10 years, or 100% any time from Year 3 to Year 10.
  • Chateau listed in 2013 Michelin Guide after only one year of opening
  • Chateau de la Cazine (part of Halcyon Retreat) just received 'Certificate of Excellence Award' from Trip Advisor, ranking it in the top 10% of hotels globally
  • You can use your pension funds to purchase via a SIPP/SSAS
  • Luxury chateau occupying the entire petit chateau

*Already approved by SIPP trustees London & Colonial

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The Resort - Halcyon Retreat

The chateau suites are now sold out, and the chateau is now open to the public and getting rave reviews. Indeed, it was just included in the 2013 Michelin Guide after being open for less than a year!

And the majestic Chateau de la Cazine, which is part of Halcyon Retreat just received 'Certificate of Excellence Award' from Trip Advisor, ranking it in the top 10% of hotels globally. That puts it In the same league as the Savoy in London and the Ritz in Paris!

This gives you some idea of the total commitment to excellence by Robin Barrasford, managing Director of the developer.

These 2 bedroom luxury spa suites in the beautifully placed Chateau de la Cazine are located in an idyllic country surrounding, commonly referred to as the 'French Lake District'. The five star golf and spa resort offers facilities for all the family to enjoy, spread across a stunning 90 hectare site with its own fishing lakes, woodlands and 2 historic châteaux.

Construction has already started and is being done by the Eiffage, one of the largest construction companies in France.

Combine the stunning developer buy-back offer with the high rental returns for up to 10 years and you are guaranteed to walk away with a significant return on your investment! Indeed, there are already scheduled activity weekends, including:

Purchasing a property at Halcyon Retreat offers you a superb investment with the guarantee of substantial capital appreciation, and so benefit from the peace of mind of a secure exit strategy with an assured buy-back

Combine this with an assured return of 10% NET for four years from day one, followed by a 50/50 split thereafter and you are guaranteed to walk away with a significant return on your investment.

If you are keen to make use of this luxurious resort, you can opt for the 'lifestyle' purchase option. This gives you a 7% return over 12 years from day one, and includes free personal usage.

There is also 0% interest-free finance available for your peace of mind on 50% of the purchase price.

Owners of property in the French village will wake up to a stunning view of the country side with many enjoying the views of the manicured golf courts and sparkling lakes.

The new 2 bedroom spa suites will all be 80 square metres in size and will be finished to a five star standard. Each suite will have a balcony, 2 separate bedrooms, lounge, 2 baths, and will feature log burners. They are the nearest suites to the planned world class spa in the historic 'Petit chateau'.

My buyers said that when they visited the chateau it gave them the feeling of 'getting away from it all', being removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Investment Features

  • Stunning Value property
  • Capital Growth property
  • Fully Furnished
  • High Yield
  • Immediate Income
  • Fully Managed
  • Positive Cash flow
  • Non-status, interest-free finance available

Prices and Returns

2 Bedroom Apartments

Property Type Property Price Deposit Amount Investment - 10% assured return (no usage) Lifestyle - 7% assured return for 12 years (usage)
2 Bed Apartment (full) £330,000 £65,000 £33,000 £23,100
2 Bed Apartment (1/13th fractional) £30,000 £15,000 £1,500 £2,100
2 Bed Apartment (1/26th fractional) £16,000 £8,000 £1,600 £1,120


There is nothing like these 5* luxury village properties of Halcyon Retreat Golf & Spa Resort in all of France Situated in Limousin- France it is in a beautifully placed building surrounded by acres of stunning grounds. There are many activities and facilities:

  • An 18 hole golf course
  • A luxury pool
  • World class Spa
  • Fishing lakes
  • Cycle paths
  • Fine dining
  • Gym/ fitness classes
  • Conference facilities
  • Wine and cocktail bar
  • Children’s adventure zone

A Personal View by Jean Liggett

I loved my last trip to Halcyon Retreat to to view and experience it.

With many of my clients and I investing in this stunning and beautiful development - I was keen to get a first-hand update.

I had not been to the chateau since the end of May 2011; they had just about cleared the chateau rooms and just started renovation on a few of the rooms.

This time, I stayed in the main Chateau itself, which has been renovated to the standard of the likes of Elysee Palace in Paris.

It was inspiring and magical to wander around the authentically and beautifully renovated chateau rooms, gazing at the sparkling chandeliers, and walking up the stunning regal marble staircases.

I stood at the summit of the lacy hand crafted iron balcony rail, looking out the original restored French windows onto the serene and beautiful estate.

My chateau suite was outstanding. All the chateau suites have been decorated in a traditional French style with furniture and furnishings; they are authentic reproductions of furnishings in other historic French chateaux in France - and no expense has been spared!

This gives it a beauty, distinctiveness and authenticity rarely seen in 'homogenous' 5 star hotels today.

Indeed, in the lounge there are a few high backed soft chairs, and I mean high backed! Robin Barrasford said the interior designers Matthews Mee recommended them because the lounge has high ceilings.

The furniture in the lounge is an art deco in style whilst the chairs and desk at the reception are quintessentially 19th Century French style which is actually a copy of Louis XIV style.

Chateau de la Cazine was built in the late 19th Century, and is a replica of a very famous 17th Century Chateau in the south of France, which according to Robin Barrasford, le Comte (Count in English) had visited.

The original Chateau de la Cazine was built in the 16th Century by le Comte. He, his family and heirs lived in the chateau for 3 centuries before building the grand chateau.

The petit chateau is significantly smaller than the main chateau, but is representative of the architectural genre of the chateaux of the 16th century.

The main chateaux rooms on the ground floor retain all their original features including okra coloured marble fireplaces in each room and elegant chandeliers.

The breakfast room has lovely built in cupboards with herring bone pattern parquet wood floors both in this room and the dining room.

The bar which was originally a chapel when the main chateau was built is nearly finished. The stained glass windows add character and provide a lovely light to the room.

The last owner of the chateau tore out the bar and a genuine pewter bar is being installed similar in colour and style to the bar before it was removed. The stunning bar, which will be shortly completed, is just off the reception.

We visited the lower ground floor which is where the chateau kitchens and the wine cellar are.

A state of the art professional kitchen kitted up to produce Michelin Star French cuisine has been installed. Indeed, under the direction of the renowned chef Thierry Tomasin, the catering facilities have been entirely transformed.

The cuisine was simply delicious and beautifully presented. The portions were not too big leaving me the room to be able to experience the deliciousness of each dish without being too full.

The Dining Experience

According to Robin Barrasford, guests are invited to sit in the bar or in the lounge before lunch and dinner, have a pre-dinner cocktail or drink and then go through to the dining room for the main meal.

Chateau de la Cazine has a Michelin star chef and a pastry chef to head up the kitchen. Like the Ritz in London, all food is prepared and cooked in the chateau daily. No short cuts or economies.

I really enjoyed meeting the chef and the pastry chef, and to see their complete dedication to the art of haute cuisine.

One of the key attractions of the chateau was the food, and diners from the Limousin came to dine here. Robin's commitment is to exceed the standards of the last kitchen, and Chateau de la Cazine has already resulted in the chateau restaurant getting a Michelin star.

They make all their own chocolate, and it is the most delicious I have ever tasted. Their desserts promise to be the best chocolate desserts in France! As can be seen from my photo. Forget Godiva, forget Swiss chocolate Lindt! They can't hold a candle to Chateau de la Cazine chocolate.

The developer gave me some background on the chateau estate. The old comte (English - Count) stayed in a well known chateau in the south of France.

He then went back to his chateau estate in Limousin and built a chateau which is a replica of this 17th century chateau completing in 1896. Chateau de la Cazine was built in the late 16th century and the count and his family lived in it.

In the 20th century, the chateau was bought by a French insurance company. It was then turned into a holiday camp. It included a school, cinema, horse riding water sports as it had beaches.

The concept was then changed and it was made available to diplomats' children. They spent the summer there. The owner went on a holiday in the Far East. He had murals from his trip put on the walls of the chateau. At one point, these prints were in every single room of the chateau. In the breakfast room you will note real French prints. The chateau was then turned into a head office.

Mitterrand stayed at the chateau in the early 1970s and he gave sufficient money to turn the chateau into a hotel. Little money was spent since the 1970s to invest.

Tour of the chateau estate

Robin took us on a tour. Right outside the back of the chateau is where people will tee off for golf. To the left is the original swimming pool from the late 19th century.

The village consists of 7 buildings. To the left of the village on the way to the village from the chateau is where Phase II will be built.

Planning permission has now been granted for the building of the village properties and facilities.

As we were walking from the chateau, Robin pointed out just how vast the chateau estate is as it is stretched all the way into the horizon past the lake over 95 hectares, this is about 300 acres.

With the renovation of the estate including some new buildings, this will enhance the estate whilst keeping it authentic.

There will be treatment rooms on the various floors of the chateau. There will also be a large addition to the chateau which will be the spa. At the right side of the chateau, the 25 metre spa pool will be constructed.

Very near the petit chateau you can see the pond which was a gift from the comte to his wife.

Halcyon Retreat Golf & spa Resort will cater for all:

  • Those seeking an indulgent sophisticated holiday in a 5 star chateau - spa, haute cuisine, historic beautiful chateau suites
  • Families wanting an all round holiday with lots of activities. They will stay in the village properties. The parents can also have time to themselves whilst the children have fun and are looked after.
  • A unique experience 'getting away from it all'

Purchase Procedure

A fully refundable reservation fee of £500 is payable for fractional ownership properties and £1,000 for full ownership properties. This amount is fully refundable for 30 days from contract date.

Option 1: 50% Deposit (30 days from contract date) and balance paid over 24 months with an interest free loan.

Option 2: Option 2: 100% Payment (30 days from contact date) and 10% p.a. cash-back paid monthly during construction.