Properties of the World director Jean Liggett interviewed in 'A Place in the Sun' article 'Hungary: something new for investors.'


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Hungary entered the's top 10 property destinations for the first time last month, according to the latest 'Top of the Prop's report. Hungary rose 9 places to become the 10th most popular country with real estate buyers. Properties of the World Director Jean Liggett was interviewed for this article.



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Bradford Campus House


Why Invest?

  • Build and operational student accommodation
  • On Campus at University of Bradford Campus
  • 8% fixed returns for 10 years
  • Up to 33% Developer Deferred Payments
  • Purchase from £45,000 Cash Input
  • Immediate Returns
  • Fully tenanted development
  • Luxury double and twin apartments £64,950
  • Developed by Mi7 Developments, the creators for the award winning 'The Green'
  • On site security, café and laundry facilities
  • 27,000 students within Bradford
  • Capital growth opportunity
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My Trip to Campus House

I was just up visiting Campus House on 22nd October.

Bradford University is a city centre campus and there is no more land to build on campus student accommodation which students greatly prefer.

Almost all other student accommodation investments being offered in the UK are at least a 10 minute walk away and often a 10/15 bus ride away. Yet, they are marketed as being 'next' to the campus.

In the heart of Bradford's student village, Campus House is adjacent to both the University of Bradford and Bradford College.

Campus House overlooks the 'Green', an eco-friendly student village which is currently the most sustainable building in the world and the first student accommodation in the country to achieve an official BREEAM outstanding rating as a blue print for eco-friendly living.

The developers of the Green, Mi7 also transformed Campus House which was a former textile mill building (built in 1912) has been refurbished to create a combination of studios, two-bedroom and duplex accommodation highly suited to students.

Different from the Green, all the units are self-contained with a kitchen and a bathroom; they are proper studios.

Campus House is ideal for post-graduate students who want their own small flat versus a typical student accommodation with a bathroom and kitchen down the hallway. Overseas students are also very keen on these self-contained units.

I viewed unit 15.

It was the smallest of the units at 20.8 square metres: purchase price £55,000. I was pleasantly surprised by just how big it is. I have seen a number of student accommodations (12.5 to 15 sq metres) and this one was much larger!

It has a separate bedroom as well as a second room which is a combined kitchen and study. The developer whom I met with told me that hard wearing furniture and interiors was chosen.

The building is already two years old and I saw no wear in this room or in the hallway or main area– amazing!

As you can see from my photos, at the back of Campus House, Hookahs, a shisha bar is being built. And as you can see from this photo here an extension is being beyond the Campus House building.

And directly in front of Campus House a Tesco is being built as you can see from this photo. Tesco is very thorough in its research and only locates its stores where it is certain there will be a great demand and lots of foot-fall.

Campus House location next to the Tesco and in the same building as the shisha bar will further add to the attractiveness of Campus House as a place for students to live in.

Next to Campus House the university is building a nursery. There is also another building being developed by the university which will add to the value of Campus House.

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The Opportunity

Opportunity to buy in a developing market and hence at a lower price than the more popular university cities to invest in for student accommodation.

Thus, by buying at Campus House you will benefit from greater capital growth, higher and sustainable returns than a more mature student accommodation market such as Manchester.

Bradford University has spent over £120 million on its campus and investment into education.

Plus millions have been spent on rejuvenating Bradford and its city centre, transforming it into a city with vitality - poised for the future.

Campus House, a unique student property opportunity, benefits from a fully operational and proven business model unlike many off plan opportunities.

It offers you the investor, an immediate return unlike most off plan student accommodations investments. Its prime location within Bradford's student village lends itself perfectly to students studying at both the University of Bradford and Bradford College, which offers Higher Education courses.

Bradford College is shortly receiving university accreditation, thus increasing the demand for student accommodation in Bradford. Bradford is home to 27,000 students.

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Next Steps

This is a great opportunity to invest in the student market, and take advantage of a fully ready to go buy-to-let investment.

Average returns on buy-to-lets in the UK is 6.1% (Property Investor News - Oct 2013) whereas Campus House offers you a substantially higher return at 10% NET.

Plus you do not have the worry and hassle of phoning the plumber or the electrician, receiving phone calls in the middle of the night from your, tenants trashing the property or voids.

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Easy Purchase Procedure

1. Select your unit and complete reservation deposit.

2. Pay £1,000 reservation deposit.

3. Review contracts and exchange contracts paying balance due upon exchange.

4. Title registered with UK land registry in purchasers name upon exchange.

5. Welcome pack issued confirming purchase and date annual returns are due to transact.