Properties of the World director Jean Liggett interviewed in 'A Place in the Sun' article 'Hungary: something new for investors.'


Saloc Resort in Hungary, an up and coming nation, featured in AtTheMatch where business meets sport! See pages 124-127


Hungary entered the's top 10 property destinations for the first time last month, according to the latest 'Top of the Prop's report. Hungary rose 9 places to become the 10th most popular country with real estate buyers. Properties of the World Director Jean Liggett was interviewed for this article.



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Merebank Court, Liverpool


Why Invest?

  • 1 Bedroom flats £60,000
  • 3 Bedrooms £76,000 with a valuation of £135,000
  • Already over one-third sold with all 2 beds gone
  • 8.5% NET Assured Income
  • 40% below Market Value
  • Located next to the exclusive and beautiful Sefton Park
  • Secure Buy to Let Investment with lots of 'in-built equity'
  • Liverpool Council states that 1,500 new homes need to be built to meet growing demand in this under-housed city
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The UK buy-to-let sector continues to flourish, savvy investors and landlords are constantly and increasingly looking for new-build or refurbishment properties in large regional cities in order to expand their portfolios and generating a regular return on their investment.

A 14-storey development in a highly desirable location in Liverpool. Merebank Court is a complete refurbishment of an existing residential building, comprised of 58 apartments, they are divided into three-bed, two-bath flats, with shared communal parking.

I was just up in Liverpool on 31st July to view Merebank Court. It is in a beautiful location overlooking Sefton Park where some of the grandest houses in Liverpool are located. This area is vibrant and one of the most interesting areas in Liverpool in my view. Indeed, Lark Lane which is a street famous for its bohemian reputation, cafes, first rate restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and art galleries is just a short walk away.

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I have sold a number of investment properties in Liverpool, and what is brilliant about Liverpool is that it is one of the very best cities for investors to buy property in terms of price and yield. And it's an exciting and beautiful city that has emerged out of years of slumber and neglect, and investors have the opportunity to benefit from this amazing turn-around.

The rental valuations for a 3 bedroom at Merebank Court have been valued at £750 pcm. Your assured rental return of 8.47% is based on a rental of £650 pcm.

Merebank Court is one of the few residential developments available in Liverpool at such an affordable price. Within the vicinity of the renowned Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields.

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Investors interested in Merebank Court are advised to enquire immediately, as with only 58 units available and marketed at an extremely competitive price point, demand is certain to be high in this exclusive new development.

Merebank Court, as with the majority of today's new buy-to-let developments will be let and managed by the highly experienced Vermont Property Management, allowing investors the reassurance that the day-to-day running of their property will be expertly handled by a company who is practiced at dealing with tenants on a daily basis. In addition, the on-site concierge will ensure that both the property and its tenants will be looked after to the highest of standards.

For more information and to reserve your property get in touch now...

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About Liverpool and Why Invest in Liverpool?

Fable has it, that the liver birds which are perched on top of the landmark Liver Building are the wardens of the city!s land and sea and, although we have already seen the birds' work in the waters of the city, their work on land is just as remarkable. On land, the city is a centre for commerce and is home to over 3,000 businesses and the 5th largest retail centre in the UK, Liverpool One, which hosts a hoard of high street names. The city produces a long stream of employees for these companies with 50,000 students at the city's three universities and a complete workforce of nearly 1 million in the city.

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This booming waterfront and bustling city centre help explain why Liverpool is such a popular destination for many tourists, with more than five million passengers passing through the doors of Liverpool's John Lennon Airport, into the city of Liverpool in 2011. Visit Britain reported that Liverpool is one of the top five UK holiday destinations in terms of visitor numbers, and not all of these visitors board planes to see this honeypot; many take advantage of the city's connectivity to arrive in Liverpool travelling on its extensive road and rail infrastructure from cities such as London and Birmingham.

Although, Liverpool is currently flourishing, it is the city's commitment to look ahead which has achieved this and amidst so much success, this has not dwindled. Regeneration has continued at a strong pace with destinations such as Liverpool Waters, a 60 hectare historic dockland site and the £200 million Edge Lane Retail Park in the pipeline, in excess of £7 billion is planned to be spent in the next decade on Liverpool.

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These projects present massive opportunities in this fast-growing economy and with an increasing amount of people desiring to live in Liverpool, illustrated by the fact Liverpool City Council have announced that they have begun a search for a housing partner to deliver 1,500 new homes, this is the perfect time to invest in this under-housed forward thinking city.