Properties of the World director Jean Liggett interviewed in 'A Place in the Sun' article 'Hungary: something new for investors.'


Saloc Resort in Hungary, an up and coming nation, featured in AtTheMatch where business meets sport! See pages 124-127


Hungary entered the's top 10 property destinations for the first time last month, according to the latest 'Top of the Prop's report. Hungary rose 9 places to become the 10th most popular country with real estate buyers. Properties of the World Director Jean Liggett was interviewed for this article.



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Why Invest?

  • Full leasehold title for only an 8 year investment term
  • 145% uncapped returns in 8 years
  • Invest from only £11,100
  • Proven forestry investment
  • High and growing demand for timber globally
  • World renowned and expert management team
  • Ethical investment that contributes to the Planet and the Local People
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The Product

We are delighted to present a fantastic returns opportunity with EcoPlanet Bamboo's fully operational bamboo plantation through investing in an 8 year leasehold land plot on the plantation.

All previous investments of EcoPlanet Bamboo have now been fully planted ahead of schedule and are now sold out. With over 1,000 hectares of bamboo already planted in Central America and over $16 million invested so far, investors are already starting to see their returns this month (March 2012) on time and in full.

“Due to new developments in the industrial bamboo sector, virtually any wood product can be produced from bamboo. Therefore the market for wood products can be considered as an analogous substitute market”

Ethical Investing

An excellent investment with a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

  • People: As featured on the BBC, the bamboo plantations are based in one of the poorest nations of Central America and are enabling locals to build a future for themselves and their families, with a fair wage and opportunities for training and further development.
  • Planet: Bamboo grows so fast, it sequesters up to 4 times as much carbon as a tree during growth. Only land which has been degraded for more than 10 years is used for plantations. Trees are never removed to plant bamboo.
  • Profit: A booming market, rapid growth and constant demand make bamboo a very smart investment choice. Annual returns are very high (18%) and are still growing in this industry.


Current plantations are located in Rama, close by to the Rama port which present excellent sea access to the key export market of the United States. The selection of the plantation was based on specific and essential criteria;

  • Ruined land which will benefit from reforestation
  • Workable soil and climate conditions for the growth of the Bamboo
  • Social development in the area, increasing employment and returns for locals
  • Ensuring minimal transportation cost and environmental impact by close ports

Investment Opportunity

  • Invest from £11,100
  • 145% uncapped returns in 8 years
  • Full leasehold title for only an 8 year investment term

Easy Purchase Procedure

  • Complete and sign a Client Registration form
  • Forward identification documents
  • Complete and sign three copies of the Land Lease Contract
  • Choose a management company
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