Properties of the World director Jean Liggett interviewed in 'A Place in the Sun' article 'Hungary: something new for investors.'


Saloc Resort in Hungary, an up and coming nation, featured in AtTheMatch where business meets sport! See pages 124-127


Hungary entered the's top 10 property destinations for the first time last month, according to the latest 'Top of the Prop's report. Hungary rose 9 places to become the 10th most popular country with real estate buyers. Properties of the World Director Jean Liggett was interviewed for this article.



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Hurst House Hotel


Why Invest?

  • “The world’s 100 Best Hotels” (The Sunday Times)
  • Grade II Listed- Luxury wedding destination
  • Buy-back guarantee
  • 10% NET annual returns for 15 years
  • Interest free non-status finance
  • Invest from just £16,500
  • SIPP compliant
  • Full and fractional investments available
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The Hotel

Tucked away on the far South-Western corner of the Welsh coast, this world class boutique Hote is an unexpected haven of luxury, a unique Grade II listed 18 bedroom hotel dedicated to fine food, rest and relaxation.

Originally a 16th century dairy farm, the hotel's main house and restaurant overlooks acres of marshland and an organic kitchen garden, whilst a large courtyard is enclosed by beautifully renovated outhouses containing sumptuous bedrooms and a bijou spa.

Elegant bedrooms are individually designed with luxury and relaxation in mind.

The main house is home to a spacious penthouse and three further suites, whilst the outhouses enclosing the courtyard contain a mixture of suites and mezzanine rooms. The Cottage adjoins the old dairy and incorporates a bedroom, bathroom and living room with wood burning stove, set over two floors.

Hidden away in the far western corner of South West Wales and nestled in the Dylan Thomas homeland, the restaurant is relaxed, comforting, and superb quality. If you just fancy a hearty warming dish that's great, or choose to indulge in a more refined supper from the House & Tasting menus. The restaurant overlooks the kitchen garden, the fruits of which feature exclusively on the menus. Glass fronted & punctuated by olive trees, featuring colourful local works of art, it's a convivial space within the hotel.

Overseen by Head Chef, the kitchen produces seasonal dishes that are comforting & homely.

Then walled kitchen garden supplies the restaurant with an abundance of year-round seasonal fruits, vegetables and salads.

The garden has recently received full organic accreditation, which ensures that everything is grown in harmony with nature and it all tastes just as it should. The garden team liaise with the kitchen daily to finesse the menus according to ideal ripening times.

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The Opportunity

  • Developer buy-back guarantee
  • 10% NET rental return guaranteed for 15 years
  • Invest from just £16,500
  • Photography
  • Interest free non-status finance
  • SIPP compliant
  • No buying costs or ongoing fees
  • Limited availability

The Resort

  • 18 luxurious rooms
  • Established hotel
  • The Sunday Times ‘The World’s 100 Best Hotels’
  • Luxury spa and swimming pool
  • Dedicated food, rest and relaxation resort
  • Enjoy as a holiday home

Hurst House Availability

Hotel Suites Price Guaranteed NET Return pa
Full ownership £429,000 £42,900
Fractional ownership £33,000 £3,300

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10% NET Rental Returns

Purchasers at Hurst House are offered the security of a 10% NET guaranteed rental return which continues for 15 years post-purchaseThis will take investors up to the pointwhere they are able to sell their property back with the developer’s buy-back guarantee. Of course, customers can also sell their properties at any time on the open market and typically for far more than the guarantee.

Interest Free Non-Status Finance Guarantee

The developer is currently providing a limited offerof guaranteed non-status finance at 50% loan-to-valuefor your final payment, relieving any concerns that you may have about raising funds upon completion. The finance is interest free and the payments would be paid directly from your rental returns over a period of 10 years.

A personal view by Jean Liggett

Travelling to Hurst House in April via train was an inspirational journey, in the last part of the journey between Cardiff and Carmarthen were stunning views of the coast. From which a 20 min taxi ride takes you through beautiful winding roads between small villages and towns to Laugharne. The small country roads looked as Britain did in the early 20thcentury with stone wall fences and open fields.

The green fields and marshy lands took my breath away with their beauty. In this magnificent setting stands a bewitching boutique hotel which was originally a dairy farm dating back to the late 16th century. Hurst House is a stone’s throw from Dylan Thomas’ last home.

The owner of this hotel (Matt Roberts) is from the music and recording industry, he has put his own artistic and creative flavours and touches on all the rooms in the hotel – each with its own individual distinctiveness and personality. This approach has earned it accolades in the travel and national media.

The actor Neil Morrissey (‘Men Behaving Badly’) was a part owner of the hotel along with Matt Roberts. Matt is going to expand the hotel and is building a further 28 rooms by renovating a nearby building. This will include a music recording studio. There is already there is a heli-pad at the hotel to add to its glamour.

The rooms are on 999 year leases and each owner will have his/her own title. The freeholder will retain the common areas of the hotel such as the restaurant, spa, land etc. The hotel can host wedding receptions and parties up to 140 people; a marquis is erected in the area for such events as indicated in my photo.

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Historic furniture and pieces coupled with quirky finds give this hotel a real distinctiveness and personality, certainly not a Marriott or Intercontinental Hotel uniform bland look!

Bang &Olufsen sound systems coupled with an under-floor heating system in all the rooms are amongst the hidden delights. Juxtaposed the rural scene you see when you look outside the window that has not changed in 400 years.

The hotel consists of a few buildings including:

- The main house where the reception, bar and restaurant are:

- The Great Barn

- Byre Cottage

- Orchard Cottage (I was not able to view this as there were honeymooners in this cottage!)

I was struck by the sense of ‘getting away from it all’ and feeling straight-away de-stressed, it’s a real energy booster. Indeed, this has been one of its key appeals to its guests, a number of them whom are celebrities. With the addition of the recording studio in phase II, Matt has ambitions to attract the likes of Rihanna and Adele. Given his connections, this is totally achievable.

This is the type of hotel that provides an experience that we all crave:

- Getting away from it all

- De-stressing

- Located next to the coast in beautiful country

- Delicious freshly prepared food prepared for its own garden and other ingredients locally sourced

- Beautiful, comfortable rooms, each with a unique touch (that is a plus)

- Under-stated glamour, slightly quirky

- A place to be pampered

- It is unique and memorable – I spent an afternoon there and want to go back.

- Has real celebrity appeal and Matt is known in this community

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Purchase Procedure

  • Pay a reservation fee (£500 for fractional property and £1000 for full ownership) which is fully refundable for thirty days.
  • 50% deposit (30 days from the contract date)
  • 50% final payment (interest free non-status finance available)