My Tour of Chateau de la Cazine

Posted June 28, 2013 by Jean Liggett

The developer took some colleagues and me on a tour of the estate in late March following a delicious and abundant breakfast specially prepared for us by the chateau’s chef.

Chateau de la Cazine Chef

Chateau de la Cazine has just undergone a full refurbishment to provide cuisine to guests at a Michelin Star standard.

Indeed, renowned chef Thierry Tomasin was employed on a consultancy basis by Barrasford and Bird to advise on catering at Chateau de la Cazine.

He provided expert advice on everything from the layout of the kitchen to the range of top-end equipment required to run a 5 star restaurant.

I am enjoying the super delicious croissants prepared by the chateau’s own pastry chef poised for a long a walk through the estate.


As the first part of our tour, Robin Barrasford showed us the resurfaced tennis courts, which are just outside the main chateau. When I saw the tennis courts in May 2011, they were worn and cracked.

There will be a number of other sports and leisure facilities including an indoor/outdoor infinity pool, the spa, an 18 hole golf course, a gym, horse-riding, fishing and a jogging trail….Watch this space.

Robin then showed us the arboretum plaque. All of the trees in the arboretum are numbered! The 95 hectare estate is bordered by this old and established arboretum, which is protected land.

The other side of the estate is bordered by a glistening lake, providing further privacy and seclusion.


Right outside the back of the chateau, near the arboretum is where people will tee off for golf. You can also see a glimpse of the village properties from a distance.

As we were walking along, Robin showed us where Phase II of the French village is located. It is right by the French village properties and the 2 bedroom village apartments will be built in exactly the same style as the renovated apartments.

Indeed, the developer’s intention is to create a ‘Club Med’ in the ‘Country’ 5 star resort. This will include facilities and amenities for families and all people far exceeding any such country holiday resorts to date. Chateau de la Cazine will be unique.

The chateau opened its doors to paying guests at the end of June and was fully booked in July. It has received excellent reviews from its guests on with a rating of 9.3/10.

The iconic Savoy Hotel in London which has had its doors open for over 90 years achieves the same rating of 9.3/10 on


The ‘Petit Chateau’ was the first chateau built on the estate by the Comte in the late 16th Century.

It is being converted into the ‘Petit Chateau Spa’ and work has already begun.

The existing building which is 600M2 will be extended a further 900M2, providing a spacious area for the numerous facilities that will be available within the spa.

One of Chateau de la Cazine Spa’s key feature is an expansive forest infinity pool merging both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the things I loved at the chateau estate was its tranquil, rural setting. It was lovely to watch the horses grazing on the Petit Chateau grounds.

Visiting one of the horses in the chateau barn. Sure delight. This horse was friendly!


Robin Barrasford told us that members of the Resistance during the Second World War used to hide out in these thick woods.

The main chateau was a centre for the French Resistance.

Chateau de la Cazine’s football field and sports pavilion will be constructed here.

The ‘evening glamour’ with every attention to detail and no money spared to return Chateau de la Cazine to its original beauty.



I visited the chateau at the end of May 2011 when the renovation had just started. You can see the striking difference between May 2011 and March 2012.

Please come in for dinner, be my guest!