Saloc Spa & Golf Resort Launch Ceremony in Hungary

Posted June 30, 2013 by Jean Liggett

I attended the launch ceremony of Saloc Spa & Golf Resort in Egerszalok Hungary on 19th June 2013.

We were fortunate to have hot and sunny weather with the temperature climbing to 35 C, a bit of a heat wave!

The Hungarian government has deemed Saloc to be ‘a project of high significance’ (via the Ministry of National Development and Economy) so it is not surprising that there were two representatives from the Hungarian government in attendance.

The mayor of Egerszalok Garbor was also in attendance. He has been a keen advocate for the development of Saloc and has actively campaigned and liaised with the local council and government ministers in Budapest to gain support at every level in government for Saloc.

Left to Right: Mayor of Egerszalok Gabor and Martin Jensen CEO of Saloc at the Launch Ceremony

Istvan Fazekas, Services Director for Saloc has also been a keen advocate of Saloc. He is a resident of Egerszalok and teaches IT at the university in Eger as well as running his own business. I have met with Istvan every time I have been out in Hungary – four times since September 2012.  I have been impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to the project.

So it not surprising that he in in charge of liaising directly with the internationally renown build asset consultancy EC Harris as well as managing it from the developer end. EC Harris are the project managers for Saloc.

Istvan really knows the delicious  Hungarian wines and the history of Hungary. More about that later.

From left to right: Garbor, Mayor of Saloc, Peter Bonner of EC Harris, Project Manager for Saloc, Jean Liggett (me) Director Properties of the World, two Hungarian government officials, Istvan Fazekas, Director Saloc KFT

Martin Jensen and Garbor are digging the first ‘sod’ for Saloc during this exceptionally fine June weather. This is on the site of Phase One Hotel.  Behind you are the Blue Mountains and views of the many vineyards.

Martin Jensen, CEO Saloc, and Garbor, Mayor of Egerszalok digging the first 'sod' for Saloc


The historical city of Eger which is only 3 kilometres from Egerszalok is graced with a beautiful city centre. I strolled down the streets on Wednesday evening 19th June. There was lovely music being played by a street performer, the local tourists and tourists enjoying a drink and eating dinner, and summer festival going on with cultural and entertaining activities.

A stroll through lovely Eger with summer festival fully in play

Eger is lavished with wonderfully preserved baroque architecture as you can see from the photo below which I wondered down right after taking the above photo. Eger is indeed a jewel box of a town and is not to be missed on your visit to Hungary.

Iconic Baroque style buildings in on a brick street Eger with a view of the Cathedral


Dr Kornel Marothy has been handling all of the buyers’ contracts for Saloc. I must have spoken to him at least 30 times since the autumn, and thought he was considerably older due to his deep voice and knowledge and authoritative manner.

Dr Kornel Marothy, Saloc Solicitor, and Jean Liggett (me)

David Hodgson, Sales Director of Saloc and board member, identified the opportunity to build a spa and golf resort in Egerszalok almost 10 years ago.  He recognised that this area of Hungary was the only location in Europe with thermal salt spas, which have proven medical benefits. He was publishing  Golf Magazine and running a golf tour and spa businesses.

David being a natural networker built the relationships with the Hungarian government and influential business people in Hungary and the UK. David brought Martin Jensen in. Martin has a wealth of experience in property development as well as agriculture on an international scale, including Ukraine and Romania as well as the UK.

So it is not surprising that David’s dream of a spa and golf resort in Egerszalok will now be realised.

‘Hungary has become a passion. It is perfect for anyone who wants to escape, but it is now an England abroad. It is a peaceful safe culture here.’

David Hodgson, Director Saloc and Martin Jensen CEO & Managing Director Saloc on the newly constructed viewing platform

This now makes the third time I have met Garbor, Mayor of Egersalok, in Hungary. He has campaigned on the level of the local council and Hungarian government for the development of  Saloc, recognising the economic regions. In November, when I met with Garbor, he said ‘If I look back to the last 10 years, the difference is enormous. We only support investments that are beneficial for both side and Saloc fulfils this criteria.’

Garbor noted that since last year Egerszalok has shot up the tourist ranks in Hungary three places. ‘With this project, we are going to continue climbing the ladder,’ Garbor added.

Garbor also said about the tourists that come to Egersalok,the majority right now are from Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. That an increasing number are coming from Ukraine, Russia and Romania. More and more guests are arriving from Netherlands and Germany. It is starting to be well known in Finland nowadays.

He added that Egerszalok is starting to appear on other countries’ tourist maps including Western European countries.


David Hodgson, Director Saloc, Jean Liggett, Director Propeties of the World Ltd, Garbor, Mayor of Egerszalok and a keen supporter and campaigner of Saloc,, Martin Jensen, CEO & Managing Director Saloc

David Hodgson and Garbor with buyers of Saloc from Japan and Hong Kong


The beautiful land where Saloc is located graced by vineyards and the Blue Mountains

This was about 7.30pm on Wednesday evening. We were checking out the wine cellars in Eger and equally as important people watching whilst customers traipse from wine cellar — a local tradition. Boar’s Blood is a local and national specialty and has won wine competitions worldwide.

There is an entire square of wine cellars in Eger operated by the local vineyards. It is traditional to go from cellar to cellar tasting the delicious and indigenous Hungarian wines.


More to follow very soon…

In case you are interested in Saloc, here are the key points of this fantastic investment:

  • 1 bedroom hotel suites and 2 bedroom family suites at £89,950 nd £140,000 respectively.
  • Single payment of £44,975 f (hotel suite) and £70,000 (family suite) and nothing else to pay
  • 0% non-status developer finance on 50% balance
  • 10% NET return for 10 years
  • Cash positive after repayments
  • Free personal usage for you
  • 125% assured buy-back
  • Hungarian government has deemed this a ‘project of high significance’

More information can be found at or by e-mailing me: 

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Jean Liggett