Why Invest in Halifax (Yorkshire) – A Q&A with Jean

Halifax Yorkshire


Halifax is a real surprise – I would describe it as a beautiful city with elegant and imposing architecture. Did you know – the architects that worked on the Town Hall additionally worked on the Parliament building?

There is a real buzz in the area from the new cultural quarter, which includes the Piece Hall, the Square Chapel Arts Centre, and the Calderdale industrial museum – all of which have been refurbished and renovated in the past year.

How did you find the city now compared to when you first visited? Did anything in particular stand out to you?

I first visited Halifax in May 2017. At this point, the restoration of the Piece Hall was still ongoing, and the Square Chapel Arts centre was not yet open. It struck me as sleepy, but offering much promise for the future. At this point there were already signs of regeneration and of the city becoming ‘trendy’.

This year I also visited People’s Park, which is overlooked by our One Park Road residential development. In this area there are lovely large Victorian homes – it reminded me of Edinburgh, although the architecture is different.

The tourism sector has increased majorly from last August – amazingly, the Piece Hall has received 2.4 million visitors 1 year after its reopening (over 50% from projected). Do you think this is a trend that is set to continue?

It definitely shows that Halifax is the place to be right now. All you have to do is walk into the Piece Hall and you immediately feel as if you have been transported to another country. There is always lots going on in Halifax – a city now full to the brim with museums, galleries, and independent shops – it has already become a strong tourist destination in Yorkshire.

In your opinion, what makes Halifax a great place to invest?

I have been told by my colleagues at Northern Powerhouse Developments that the time to invest in Halifax is now when prices are at their lowest. Halifax has recently undergone £150m of regeneration, which has included the reopening of the Piece Hall, the Square Chapel Arts Centre, and the Calderdale Industrial Museum.

In addition, The Guardian has recently called Halifax ‘The Shoreditch of the North’, and I can only agree with this statement – after seeing the numerous boutique and independent shops thriving within the city centre. The regeneration of the city has created numerous burgeoning businesses within the Piece Hall, with lots of entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to its burgeoning tourism industry, more people are being drawn to Halifax to live and work. Why do you think this is?

Halifax is an area which has undergone massive regeneration in the last year – making it an ideal hotspot for property investment. The city is very well connected transport wise – it is a very short journey to neighbouring cities Leeds (38m) and Bradford (15m) by train, as well as Manchester (47m).
Additionally house prices in Halifax are lower than in Leeds and Bradford, and they are substantially lower than in Manchester. To get an idea of a comparison – you are paying about £132/200 per square foot in Halifax vs up to £400 in Manchester.

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