Q&A with Michael and Jean (Tenby, Wales)


Taking Tenby…

The team visited the town of Tenby, and although some were forced to leave due to planned engagements, Jean (Director, Properties of the World) and Michael (Head of Sales, Properties of the World) decided to stay on. I got them to share their views on the limited, but fulfilling days they spent there.

Speaking to Michael about Tenby, it was hard to not feel like I had already been there myself because of the emotions his description evoked: “Just wow! The seaside has beautiful clear blue water and bright yellow sand. It resembles the Mediterranean coast. The town itself is stunning and alongside the bright sunny days and friendly people who were always keen to help out, the ocean waves crashing against the sandy shore made me feel at peace with the world.”


“Michael really hit the nail on the head with Tenby,” Jean confirmed. “It took us by surprise being such a small town and all – It has so much to offer! Georgian buildings dating back to the 13th century are well-kept with impressive preserved features displayed throughout.” “The Tudor buildings are also gorgeous!” Michael chipped in. The two stayed in the Carmarthen Bay hotel which offered superb views across the sea from the comfort of their bedroom windows. After a general review of the area, I decided to delve deeper with a Q&A to really find out how this tiny town managed to make such a huge impact on their moods:


Q. What are some of the things you most enjoyed about Tenby?

Michael: The photogenic views from the Cliffs of Tenby and the beautiful garden pathways down to the beach from the village.

Jean: The food and atmosphere of Tenby is astonishing, nothing like it anywhere else in the UK, really loved it.


Q. What stood out to you the most?

J: The stunning sandy beach, I didn’t think we had this in the UK only Europe.

M: The large Tudor houses, I love history and am a big fan of Tudor buildings.


Q. How were the people in Tenby?

J: They are incredibly friendly and will always spare time for you.

M: Very friendly and relaxed, everybody calls you love.


Q. Tenby is one of the UK’s top hotspots for holidays. It would be expected to be very busy even during early September. With this said, did you find it overcrowded?

J: I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t crowded at all. However during the summer I would assume it would be more busy increasing social output.

M: No not at all it was really nice having some time to myself without any distractions.


Q. Was it easy to navigate throughout Tenby?

M: Tenby is a very small town, everything is a 10 minute walk from you, but if you are feeling lazy then you can take the horse and carriage, which is certainly a change from the typical London taxis.

J: Tenby is a very special place…because everything is so close it stops you from taking any other form of transport. It really allows you to appreciate your surroundings and allows you to explore a lot more.


Q. Would you take a holiday here?

M: Yes definitely, we didn’t want to leave!

J: I only spent two nights in Tenby but I could have easily spent an entire week there.


By Jay Madden


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