Q&A with Magnus (Chatham Waters, Chatham)

Q&A with Magnus (Chatham Waters, Chatham)

Was this your first trip to Chatham? Yes, it was.

Thinking about your recent trip to Chatham, what are your immediate thoughts?

I have visited a lot of London’s commuter towns and compared to most Chatham is absolutely picturesque. It has this typical charming coastal town flair. There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants near the marina and everything is extremely well connected. Coming from London, it felt like taking a short holiday.

Is there something in particular that stood out to you when you first arrived?

The Chatham docks and the marina with all the boats are a total eye-catcher. I noticed the big shopping centre straight away as well. As previously mentioned, everything in Chatham is very well connected and you can walk everywhere.

Chatham is often described as London’s most sought-after commuter town. How long did it actually take to travel from London to Chatham, how well are they connected?

The connection is superb. It took just under 40 minutes from King’s Cross St Pancras to Chatham. This is less than travelling from South to North London. In fact, being able to take a direct train instead of the hectic tube was definitely a benefit. On the journey you can also see the beautiful landscapes of the Kent countryside

Could you explain why you think Chatham is so popular compared to other commuter towns from your own personal impression?

Chatham is a lot more beautiful and eclectic. Most commuter towns are a little grey and there is not much to do, whereas Chatham is a small metropolis providing facilities that you wouldn’t find in other commuter towns and you would probably travel to London for. On top of that, Chatham is located by the river and people simply love water.

What were your thoughts of the development site and location? Could you identify a potential target tenant or target buyer?

They have just started laying the groundwork at the site ready for it to be built. It’s in a great location – just next to the waterfront and walking distance from the University of Kent. It’s also within easy access of both Chatham and Gillingham rail stations. I would say a potential tenant would be someone who works in London but prefers the relaxed lifestyle of Chatham and the Kent countryside. It would also attract both, buy to let investors and residential buyers.

Do you think Chatham is a good choice for property investment in general?

Definitely – There is a lot of regeneration happening in town and yields are comparatively higher than in London. Prices are already on the rise, so I would say that now is probably the best time to invest in Chatham. In actual fact, house prices in Chatham have increased 11% since 2016 and are expected to continue. At this point, a lot of investors tend to be looking around the outskirts of London for better investment opportunities.

Would you personally buy property in Chatham – If yes, why?

I have actually considered it after my trip to Chatham. I really liked the town and its proximity to London. It could be a great idea for me and my family to purchase there.

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