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What stood out to you during your trip to Manchester?

Firstly, the fast rate of growth of the city; I used to live in Manchester years ago, and in the past two years during my trips there, I have never seized to be amazed by how quickly Manchester is developing, especially around MediaCityUK and the development of the Metrolink.
What stood out to me about the site itself is that it is equidistant from MediaCityUK and Manchester City Centre. It is also very spacious and set right on the banks of the wide and beautiful River Irwell.

During our trip, we visited a number of sites from the same developer – all now launched and occupied. We sold several of these units back in 2015/16 and were amazed at how quickly the developments were completed and sold. This certainly gives me added confidence about their future developments.

Was their most recent development conveniently located?

Yes, the location was quite central, being only a ten minute walk away from MediaCityUK, and a 15 minute drive to both Manchester City Centre and Salford. I must also add that taxis are both affordable and easily accessible.

What is your impression of the developer? I am aware that you have a close working relationship with them.
Yes, we have been working with them for over three years and we have continuously sold for them – they are very reliable. They work with only two high quality housebuilders who find great locations and build with quality, are on time and who offer properties at reasonable prices. They also have favourable financial terms.

Overall, how do you feel about the investment opportunity in Manchester?

Even if the rate of building and construction continue to increase at the same pace for the next five years, the housing demand still would not be met. Manchester is growing rapidly, and is one of the top 10 places Londoners are moving too – over 4,000 Londoners moved there in 2016. For this reason, I feel very positive about the investment opportunity there.

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