Liverpool Mini Blog Series – Strand Plaza

Liverpool View

Stunning View taken from 10th Floor (our pics)

Jean Liggett, Managing Director at Properties of the World, recounts her experience of her trip to Liverpool and the various developments that she visited. This time she recounts her viewing of Strand Plaza.

We once again descended upon the great city of Liverpool, a city full of culture, history and wonderful people, a top city destination for anyone visiting the North West.

We have sold properties in Liverpool from as far back as 2011. I have seen the massive undertaking of regeneration happening across the city which has completely changed the skyline. There are various exciting prospects for anyone looking to invest in Liverpool.

With many developments spread out across the city, we set off towards our first property, the luxurious block of apartments at Liverpool Strand Plaza.

Strand Plaza could not be in a better location, situated across from the UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront. Surrounded by historic architecture and a world renowned waterfront, the development offers spectacular views which were a marvel to see. As a result of this, many potential home-owners and investors have been attracted to this development.

We came a while back when construction was still ongoing, so it was great to see the development’s first phase completed and ready for occupancy. I and my colleague Michael toured the upper ground floors, 1 and 2 bed apartments up to the 7th floor. Then we had the pleasure of being shown the penthouse suites up on the 9th and 10th floor. The panoramic views of the Strand and the Three Graces on the waterfront were stunning.

One interesting fact about the city is that Liverpool, amongst all other cities apart from London, has the most art & culture museums. The city also participates in a biennial art festival known as the Liverpool Biennial where international artists exhibit their works of art across the city. The latest biennial was last year and was full of contemporary and quirky art.

The journey across Liverpool has taken Jean to more exciting developments within the city; return next week to find out more!

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