Joe’s Viewing Trip to our Newest Devon Hotel – The Foxglove

The Foxglove Hotel Devon

1.You recently went to visit our newest hotel ‘The Foxglove’ in South Devon – what were your thoughts about the site and its surroundings?

One of the main features of The Foxglove is the location – nestled in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside, and only a stone’s throw from the famous Dartmoor National Park. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area, including wild ponies that roam freely around the countryside. When I first drove into the hotel, I immediately noticed the manicured gardens and colourful vegetation – a total eye-catcher. In addition, there is a spacious terrace with an excellent view over hotel’s greenery. There is something really warm and welcoming about this historic site. Nearby, there is the neighbouring village of Yelverton, which is very friendly and quaint.

2.How does ‘The Foxglove’ appeal to investors? Can you tell us a bit more about the perks of the location and the development itself?

Our buyers simply love Devon. I believe that this is due to the beautiful scenery and proximity to the coast. This particular hotel has already turned into a bestseller. It has an established track record and is running for 8 decades – this generates trust and credibility.

The Foxglove Hotel Devon
The Foxglove Hotel Devon

Left: Devon’s Beautiful Coastline, Right: Spectacular Harbour Views

3.Can you tell me a bit about how hotel room investments work? How do they compare to a residential buy-to-let investment?

There are a number of benefits that make commercial investment more and more sought-after. Firstly, hotel room investment is completely hassle-free – it’s a hands-off investment and on top of that, there are neither maintenance or management fees nor service charges. Additionally, the returns are unbeatable comparing them to a conventional buy-to-let – 10% NET returns for 10 years. Commercial investments also offer more security and protection than a traditional buy-to-let.

4. What is particularly attractive to holiday makers in Devon? Is there something that caught your immediate attention?

I would say the idea of ‘getting away from it all’, being in the heart of the countryside, and surrounded by wildlife. It is in close proximity to Plymouth, being only 8 miles away. From Plymouth, you can get a direct train to London Paddington, so the area is very well connected for city goers. Additionally, the area is ideal for walking holidays on the moors. On top of that, the accessibility to the coast attracts high numbers of visitors. For tourists ‘it’s heaven in Devon’.

5. Devon is renowned as a sought-after UK holiday destination. Would you agree? If yes, what, in your opinion, makes it so special and unique?

Devon has a terrain unlike any other. You get the combined experience of being both in the countryside and by the coast. In particular, Devon is a great place for boating. Plus, their cream teas are to die for.

The Foxglove Hotel Devon
The Foxglove Hotel Devon

Left: Wild Ponies at Dartmoor, Right: Landscaped Gardens at the Foxglove Hotel

6. Do you think Devon is a suitable area for hotel room investment? If yes, why?

The area is a major UK tourist destination, hence why hotel room investment here is definitely the right choice. The developer has an established track record and only chooses areas with a boosting tourist economy. In terms of travel it’s easier to get to than Cornwall – so you still experience the beautiful coastal scenery and countryside while being slightly better connected.

7. Have you thought about investing in commercial property? If yes, would Devon be an area of interest to you?

If I decided to invest in commercial property, I would definitely choose a hotel near the coast, hence why Devon would definitely be a place to consider.

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