Jean’s Trip to North Devon

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Pic 8


Last week, I arrived in Barnstaple, the most populated town in North Devon. From here, I took a taxi to Woolacombe and during the journey, had a short but pleasant conversation with my driver who happened to be from the adjacent town of Braunton. He took me along a scenic short-cut route which cut through the country back roads and took a total of four miles off our overall journey. The road was enveloped by hedges on both sides and there was only one lane, just like in the 1970’s BBC  television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ about a rural veterinarian practice set in the 30’s. I loved the luscious green rolling hills of North Devon. Even the train travels in a slow rhythmic fashion correlating with the speed of the of the countryside lifestyle – can you believe there are still manned stations along the way with curious names such as ‘Crediton’!

Descending into Woolacombe,  there were undulating green hills that swoop down into the Atlantic. In front of me were the wild Atlantic waves, reminding me of my childhood at the Atlantic on Cape Cod in Massachusetts in the USA. Not the tepid, flat waves of the English Channel or the North Sea.

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Upon arriving at Woolacombe village, I spotted four surf shops. They are surf mad in Woolacombe and this is no wonder considering it is a prime beach in the UK for surfing. I wondered into ‘Shore 2 Surf’ Shop and spoke to the proprietor. She had the tanned colour of a surfer and the physical shape of one too; so it came as no surprise when she told me she was a year-round surfer. She kindly helped me choose a pair of surfacing gloves of my own!

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