Interview with Aga Zlatopolska – Properties of the World Sales Assistant


By Sara Feiz

Today we wanted to share some memories with Aga, our Admin Manager, who is unfortunately leaving us. Aga is originally Latvian, and moved to the UK several years ago for educational purposes. She is one of our youngest employees, having recently finished studying a part-time degree in Herbal Medicine. She is also one of our most esteemed employees who has worked for Properties of the World for over two years. She recently decided to pursue a career related to her field of education – Herbal Medicine – so I decided to sit down with her and find out more about her future plans as well as her experience of working for the company.

Aga, your field of study is not at all related to real estate investment. Why did you decide to join the team?

Aga Interview

Well I’ve always found property to be a very exciting industry, and eventually want to invest in it myself. Working at PoW has really allowed me to get exposure to investors and what they are looking for, as well as what’s going on in the market and how people invest their money. I have taken in a lot of inspiration that I will no doubt be able to use in the future.

What have been your main responsibilities here?

They have varied on a day-to-day basis but it has always been a mixture of admin/PA work. This included managing our fast changing database of clients and assisting the sales and marketing teams to track the performance of leads.

What have you enjoyed the most about your role?

I feel very content when I put things in order. This makes other tasks a lot easier and more manageable for others – I really enjoyed this element of my role. It has also been interesting meeting some of our developers and seeing how companies form and grow. It has all been very inspiring.
What do you like most about this company?

First and foremost the ‘family feel’ within the company. The environment at Properties of The World is not like your usual office environment. The people here are more grounded and insightful. They have all spent a great deal of time on their self-development, and believe in investing in training programs that facilitate the professional and spiritual development of its employees – I myself have attended one of the companies sponsored training programs. Since everyone here has really focused on their self-improvement, the working environment is one that is more understanding than the usual office environment, and people here find it very easy to resolve conflicts and work in teams.

How did you find working at a company with so many different nationalities, and in particular, so many Russian speakers (just under half of the company’s employees speak Russian)?

Aga Interview

It has been really easy for me as I speak Russian too. It creates a nice atmosphere because not only are the ways of thinking similar, but so are the cultures and habits. The majority of us come from neighbouring countries such as Russia, Poland, and Latvia.

Your single fondest memory?

My best memory was our trip to Wales to see the developers in Caer Rhun. The area was really beautiful and picturesque, and I learned a lot about property development by meeting with developers and other real estate specialists.

Aga Interview

You have been titled “The Herbalist” at the company, why is that?

(Laughs) That might be because of my mug! It reads ‘Keep calm and let the herbalist handle it’). It is also because I’ve given people suggestions about general holistic lifestyle choices and natural approaches in life; for example, supplements, oils and herbs they can take for their health –

So if I had a cold, what herbal supplements would you recommend me to take?

You can mix Elderflower, Hydrastis, Echinacea and Elderberry together and take that, or you could take Elderberry on its own which should still have a good effect.

You really know your stuff Aga – I’m impressed. Would you like to continue down the path of Herbal Medicine after leaving?

Yes, I am really passionate about working with people in beauty and health – something that I already have some experience in. I would also like to spend some time travelling and searching for real estate investment opportunities.

If a friend wanted to work at Properties of the World, what would you say to them?

Go for it. The environment is very nice, welcoming, and supportive. People are acknowledged and recognized for what they do, and as it is not a very compartmentalized environment, it is easy to reach out to a senior member of staff – so huge learning opportunities exist there.

Do you think we stand a chance of winning the charity boat race next week?

If we get a good unified rhythm going, if the captain is precise and if everyone listens to them. I believe Agnese (Operations Manager) would make a great captain.

Aga Interview

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