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Gramont House
Bingley, UK

From £75,000· Care Homes (For Sale)


  • Open and Operational Care Facility
  • Operator and Developer Have a Proven Track record in Care Homes
  • 8% NET Returns for 25 years
  • Purchase for just £75k
  • Call Back Option in Year 25 at 125%
  • Based upon a sustainable and ethical business model
  • Fully Managed by Experienced Operator
  • 4 Exit Strategies and 2 Purchase Options
  • Reserve for £500!


This is an open and operational nursing and care facility located in the affluent area of Bingley, West Yorkshire – a location with growing demand. It is within walking distance of the local town and will provide residents with excellent transport links as it is right near a local station as well as Leeds Bradford International Airport (served by Aer Lingus, British Airways, Easyjet, Ryanair and many more popular airlines.) This means families and guests of residents staying at the care home will be able to visit their loves ones regularly.

This new commercial buy-to-let purchase opportunity offers you circa 8% rental income per annum with a buy-back option up to 125% and an ROI up to 225% depending on your exit strategy. A choice of 4 assured exit strategies provides ultimate flexibility whilst rewarding long-term commitment with greater returns, delivering the most efficient and stable operation.

By purchasing a unit at Gramont House, you benefit from an annual rental income being paid from year 1 onwards. The first year’s rental income is paid within 28 days of exchange. Years 2-25 are paid annually in arrears. Alternatively, you are able to offset your total capital outlay from £75,000 to £69,000 by deducting your first year’s rental income from the purchase price, with all rental income from year 2 onwards paid annually in arrears.


We have been working for over four years with a developer that specialises in planning and implementing sustainable and ethical business models. We have chosen to work with this particular developer (who also happens to be an experienced care home operator) because of the resilience of the model. As well as this, they are are the only care home developers/owners who are working in partnership with the NHS, local councils and other government bodies to deliver care homes that meet and exceed the needs of the residents, the NHS, the councils and other government bodies.

The developer targets areas of expansion in the UK where demand for beds is increasing and, as previously mentioned, are a highly experienced operator for each and every one of their properties. They are also more resilient due to the sector they target – the various areas unlikely to have adequate care facilities present as well as selecting areas with more intensive care requirements – a sector that commands the highest fees. This developer has gained extensive knowledge within the field and has used this to stamp down on the deficiencies and sub-standard conditions seen throughout other establishments.


It is inevitable that good rents will flow from well run and managed facilities which, in time, becomes home to residents rather than just an institution. This rare type of dedication is one that is valued by the families of patients who generally, seek the best in class affordable care for their loved ones.

Social care funding and supply within the UK is currently under intense pressures, and it’s into this new market that this developer offers its new and innovative service. With supply dwindling and owners and operators under increasing pressures, relying on the old models of supply and finance is no longer a valid option.

Your purchase will help to maintain the supply of care while providing the opportunity for people who require care to benefit from exceptional facilities and excellent service.

You will also be able to benefit from circa 8% rental income per annum with a buy-back option up to 125% and an ROI up to 225% depending on your exit strategy.


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