A trip to the Afan Valley Adventure Resort


Caerau Parc is a brand new outdoor adventure park that will transform the 485 acres of land within the Afan Valley once it arrives. The development will host a large commercial space with a range of shops, bars and restaurants on offer, alongside several beautifully designed lodges and a luxury hotel.

The Valleys of South Wales are known as the heart and soul of Wales thanks to their rich heritage and warm welcome. Afan is set amongst densely wooded forests and glorious countryside offering panoramic views of the area’s natural surroundings. The space is completely untouched by large, urban regeneration projects with only a few small villages dotted around the region. This has helped created the perfect setting for an idyllic tranquil holiday escape.

Jean tells us more about her experience following her most recent trip to Wales:

The Sunday before last Michael (Head of Sales) and I drove to Caerau Parc. It is tucked away in rural Wales and not the type of place one can reach via the bus or the trail.

Driving from Pembrokeshire through winding rural narrow roads with the emerald green pastures and hills, we then drove into the Afan Forest Park. At the summit, we found ourselves right by Caerau Parc. I got out of the car to experience the amazing views and the vastness of it. All around were people cycling, hiking engaging in outdoor activities including hiking.’


Michael comments further:

‘It is amazingly rural and untouched. I could hardly believe we were at the doorstep of Port Talbot (the home of Tatal Steel). We were climbing up and taking sharp turns as we went up. All around were tall pine trees and scenic streams.’

Several of the park’s features will provide days’ worth of entertainment for the discerning adventurer. These features include:

-The Bear Grylls Survival Academy which was painstakingly designed by Bear himself and encompasses a range of exciting challenges and physical obstacles to test all round stamina, strength and teamwork – this is in addition to the man himself being appointed as the resort’s ambassador!

-A number of prestigious brands to ensure the best facilities and experiences for all guests. These include the likes of Starbucks, Wagamama, Hawkshead Clothing, OMAR lodges and many more to be announced imminently.

-The hub, which will provide the perfect opportunity to wine, dine, shop and unwind with a number of bars, cafes and restaurants nestled in an open, airy central zone within the resort. It will also be home to the 5-star ‘Tree Tops Hotel and Spa’.

You have the opportunity to purchase your very own lodge at the development, receiving an 8% return per annum for seven years. Investors will also receive two weeks FREE personal usage with access to the resorts many amenities.

For those seeking a short term, low cash input investment opportunity, there is also the opportunity to purchase a land plot for just £25,000 and receive 10% per annum for three years.

So, to be a part of this pioneering project in its early stages, contact us now at info@propertiesoftheworld.co.uk or call on +44(0)20 7624 5555.

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