60 seconds with… Tom Chamberlain (Property Consultant)


What is the difference between residential purchases and commercial? Clients tend to be less knowledgeable when it comes to commercial purchases. In fact, around 90% of my clients were unfamiliar with the concept at first! Commercial purchases involve a little more time explaining as we want each client to understand the differences which avoids confusion later on. From my point of view, that is the hardest part. One described, they are sold on the idea immediately.   What...

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Q&A with Michael and Jean (Tenby, Wales)


Taking Tenby… The team visited the town of Tenby, and although some were forced to leave due to planned engagements, Jean (Director, Properties of the World) and Michael (Head of Sales, Properties of the World) decided to stay on. I got them to share their views on the limited, but fulfilling days they spent there. Speaking to Michael about Tenby, it was hard to not feel like I had already been there myself because of the emotions his description evoked: “Just...

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Area Guide: Manchester


HISTORY, ICT AND CHIP BUTTY’S… Manchester is a large major city situated in North West England region. Manchester is known for its unique take on education and history; one example would be based in the Manchester Museum which displays works of archaeology and natural history from Egyptian mummies to dinosaurs. Fast Fact: Did you know Manchester was famous for what they called a Chip Barm – known today as a chip butty which is essentially,...

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Area Guide: London


A DIVERSE CAPITAL CITY… London is the capital of the UK and is situated in the South East of England, split by the River Thames. London is a very well known trading and manufacturing capital and was also the place of residents to several prominent historical figures including Shakespeare, The Kray Twins, Ronnie Biggs, Idris Elba, J.M.W. Turner, Charlie Chaplin and Twiggy just to name a few. It’s also home to some iconic landmarks such as Big...

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Area Guide: Birmingham


BIG, BOLD CITY OF BIRMINGHAM…! Birmingham is a large city situated in the West Midlands region of England. Known to many as a manufacturing powerhouse, the city is enriched in history with several industrial revolution landmarks dotted throughout the city. It’s also home to a large network of canals, many of which begin from Sherborne Wharf. An added bonus are the lines of trendy cafes and bars running along each canal, providing a superb place...

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Brexit: Our view on what it means for the UK property market?


BREXIT… Our view on what it means for the UK property market (Sent: Wednesday 20th July 2016)   Good Afternoon,   On Friday 23rd of June, Britain (despite just how narrow the difference was) voted to leave the European Union to the surprise of many. We cannot say we expected this outcome which is why, as a business owner, it has understandably taken some time to completely digest. Why have I chosen to push on and continue business as usual you...

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Newsletter: Our Latest Findings – UK Care Investments


UK Care Investments… We are always on the outlook for the right properties for you and your portfolio and July was no different as more and more of our clients sought advice on the various sectors in which they could invest their money… UK care investments are a type of investment you may have heard of, but perhaps, know little about. Care homes are an alternative to those who would rather venture away from residential buy-to-let’s....

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Area Guide: Reading


A Commuter Haven…. Reading is enriched in history and boasts a number of famous residences both current and past. In particular, a rather royal offering in the form of Kate Middleton, who was born in the Royal Berkshire Hospital in the heart of Reading. It was also home to Jane Austen who went to school in Reading and became a very famous novelist for several of her works, including ‘Mansfield Park’ and the very famous ‘Pride and Prejudice’ which both have film...

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Jean’s visit to Caer Rhun, North Wales

Caer Rhun, North Wales, Properties of the World

Jean’s visit to Caer Rhun, North Wales I still remember the first time I visited the Caer Rhun estate at the end of January. From the drive through the medieval town of Conwy – a world heritage UNESCO site – to the point when the car swerved in and out between the rolling hills of Conwy Valley… there was something almost magical about the views of the Snowdonia Mountains. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, mountains turned into greenery and we were...

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MIPIM Event in Cannes, France

Cannes Properties of the World

MIPIM Event in Cannes, France On the 14th March, our Managing Director and Sales Manager went to the MIPIM Event in Cannes, France. The event consists of a 4 day real estate exhibition, conference and networking gathering 21000 international property professionals. Amazing atmosphere, great participants and a unique experience! In the beautiful city of Cannes, known for its Film Festival but also for lot...

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