Afan Valley Site Visit 2019

Afan Valley Site Visit 2019

Jean Liggett, Managing Director of Properties of the World, attended a site visit at Afan Valley with investors and the team. We asked her how she would describe her experience at the site visit and the stay at Celtic Manor Hotel.

The site visit was fabulous! We met up with investors and the developer in the early evening. There was a Q&A session held where investors had the opportunity to ask questions about the project. Ben Dews, Sales Director and James McKelvie, Sales Manager of Northern Powerhouse Developments answered a variety of questions put forward to them.

Ben and James assured investors Afan Valley was worthwhile; it was a project that had been in the making for over 2 years and had overcome various stages to reach planning permission.

As planning permission was granted earlier this year, I was able to assure investors that this was a step closer in finalising the vision of the resort, and that we at Properties of the World will be there every step of the way to assist with any queries and issues.

Cetic Manor

Our clients gained more confidence when planning permission was granted and were very excited to imagine what activities they would try out. The meeting was an informal and relaxed session, done over snacks and drinks, which made the session quite enjoyable.

The night was spent at the Celtic Manor Hotel, a five star hotel located in the Welsh heartlands, famous for its Golf courses which hosted the Ryder Cup in 2010. Clients were able to enjoy all the hotel’s various amenities. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay and thanked all who were involved; agreeing that the excellent hospitality further strengthened their trust with Northern Powerhouse Developments and the team at Properties of the World.

The next morning at 9am, our clients went on the site visit where they had the opportunity to see where the adventure resort would come to life.  We visited the various zones, where different environments would feature in each of them. The clients took in the breath-taking landscape; and the trees, hills and moors made the area ideal for an adventure resort to be based at. We managed to see where the world’s largest artificial ski slope would be, and the topography was ideal, retaining a gradient similar to Alpine conditions.

Afan Valley Site Visit 2019

My colleague Michael, Business Development Director at Properties of the World, commented on how investors saw Afan Valley as “beautiful, diverse and spacious”. He also noted that the developers are “in partnership with the local community and schools…Afan Valley expects to recruit instructors locally”.

James McKelvie, sales manager at Northern Powerhouse Developments also explained that there was “Huge interest nationwide from businesses to schools willing to engage in Afan Valley”.

We toured around where many of our clients’ lodges would be, giving them an idea of how it would look when completed. Our group were also shown other areas where activities would be held – including the water-rafting area in the Xtreme Zone and the zip-wire in the Forest Zone. Our clients looked forward to participating in adrenalin packed activities. We also took photos for those that were unable to make the trip.

Soon it began to rain and the umbrellas sprang up. Our group huddled together and we continued onwards until it began pour heavily. We then wrapped up the site visit and headed back. Our clients commented on how they much enjoyed the site visit and the Q&A session. The overall experience gave them the new-found confidence to move towards purchasing their own lodge.

Afan Valley Site Visit 2019

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